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Sharpie Fetish
Ive given this up as a bad job im currently doing a 100% run through. Now because i can complete just about every mission in a few hours i dont save often heres my problem despite it being out more than 7 months or so THEY STILL HAVE NOT RELEASED A PATCH FOR THE GAY FREEZING.

Chapter 4 and i havent saved since defeating russel, im doing the tenements mission and getting gangbanged by like 5 greasers i got all there health down to were i can bully them i do it to one and he runs away, another one and he runs away half way through third one and... FREEZE!

I press the xbox jewel on the controller to bring up the menu and it wont nothing this results in me turningit off and losing ALL my progress.

This bug has existed since the release and no patches TONNES of bugs (to name one Jimmy spins on his chair in english class) exist and its like theyve just thrown it out and refuse to release a fix same goes for the Wii version i believe and from what i heard the PC version is no better either.

The disc is in perfect condition no scratches at all and it doesnt happen with any other game. (meaning not my Xbox).

Anyone else still getting this shit? angry.gif
I stopped playing because I couldn't past the "Big Game" mission due to glitches where Jimmy just wouldn't show up... I think I'm going to put the game on eBay soon, still can't get it to work.
I got that shit for a while yeah.
But then I got fed up and traded it in.
I'm still rockin' the original Bully on PS2...
I sold my copy pretty much straight after I bought it, I think it's pretty shit and just a kiddy version of GTA.
QUOTE(Eddie Dean @ Nov 9 2008, 04:46 PM) [snapback]1471153[/snapback]
I'm still rockin' the original Bully on PS2...

Im rockin' the PS2 version on my PS3. Or I did anyways.
Sharpie Fetish
QUOTE(Harrop @ Nov 11 2008, 11:38 AM) [snapback]1471357[/snapback]
I sold my copy pretty much straight after I bought it, I think it's pretty shit and just a kiddy version of GTA.

Not enough blood?
ah but it has what gta does not, immoral violence against children *VERY NICE* I cant even try to count all the little girls i hit with my scooter or all the cops i beat to hell by throwing itching powder on. Shit i even seen every female teachers panties ohmy.gif

I also tryed so fucking hard to stuff gym teacher into a garbage can but that prick is a bitch to find in the hallways.
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