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I was playing GTA SA again, and I got to a last mission with Catalina. I finished it, and wanted to save game, but while it was saving it crashed. I started it again, and on "Load Game" I saw:
Last Mission: F O (the o with two . . on the top of it thingy)
Last Time Saved: 45446 NULL (NULL 0) 46456, or something like that, and when I loaded the game it was from the start.

Help sad.gif
For crying out loud.
I just tried to save game again, and it happened again.... Seems like it happens every time I save now...

Here's a screenshot btw:
Have you taken a look in the save game file to see what is there?
Of course you already know that they should be named:
GTASAsf1.b through GTASAsf8.b
If the 'names' of the files are merely scrambled you can try renaming them to the correct format.

Worse comes to worse and you don't want to start all the way from the begining, maybe you can find a save game on the forum that comes close to yours?

As an aside: I went into the file folder (GTA San Andreas User Files) and created a file I call Old Games. Into that file I copied my save games so that I could go back to older missions for redoes.
I have a save game that is like only 5 missions behind the one that crashed, but the problem is that the game crashed now every time I save.

Bah I'll just reinstall my game.

Thanks for help.
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