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So we're forming a metal band ( 5 members ) ... We have a lead singer ( myself ), an elec guitar , a bass guitar, and a drummer ... But the problem is that one more guy wants to join, and there's no more free places.
We can't have 2 electric guitars ( caus' we're short on cash, and we're just beginners ), and I think that keyboards sucks ass. angry.gif

So any help ?!
Sharpie Fetish
Keyboards sucking ass is a matter of opinion let em try it and if it doesnt go just tell them theres no free spaces
cant tell him that !! :S
we'll just fight ! :@:@
Handsome B Wonderful
Can't tell him piss off, eh?

My suggestions

-Make him a rap-style hype man. "YO! YO! YO!, any fine bitches in da club want to get down to some sick ass metal beats, YEAH!!!"

- Slap a mask on him and make him a sampler. It worked for Slipknot.

- Make him your manager of playing-really-good-and-stuff. What band doesn't have a dude standing around telling them how great they are? He'll feel like part of the band, and he'll have something to tell his kids when he's working at a supermarket for $12 an hour at the age of 60.

- Steal a second guitar if you must. Dual guitars pwn.

- Keyboards>you. If your friend can't play, make him look like a goth. Chicks dig goth keyboard players apparently, no matter how untalented they are. Chick fans are good. They mean more sex (not that i would know). Also, if you are really desperate for a root, you can just pretend that your newly converted goth dude friend is a chick (erm, not that i would know).

- Make him a second vocalist, and get him to do 3 inches of blood-style emo screams. It'll give me something else to whinge about.
I could not have expected any less of an epic post from HBW in this topic. Well done.

If your just beginners then worry about actually getting good before starting a band.
QUOTE(Distruckshun-OvardriEv @ Oct 30 2008, 12:56 PM) [snapback]1470285[/snapback]
I could not have expected any less of an epic post from HBW in this topic. Well done.


Why can't you have 2 guitarists? Lots of bands have one lead and then a rhythm guitarist or another backup player. If you can't see the benefit of having 2 guitarists or are too stupid to write music for 2 guitars, you probably shouldn't bother trying to start a band.

Otherwise, make him your manager/dancer/Bosstone.
Just start a punk band. It's not hard. All you need to know is 3 chords and how to sing like an angry 12 year old. And if you are an angry 12 year old it's that much easier.
Darth Sexy
Twin guitars is awesome. Two leads, or even a lead/rhythm combo works well. Also, there's nothing wrong with keyboards when used sparingly and well. If you're the singer you need to break out some epic falsetto as well.
Screw Loose
Yeah, dueling guitar leads is the shit, like Priest or Slayer

Falsetto when done right is the sex!! King Diamond is more of a man than any of us.

EDIT: If you're just starting out, don't even fuckin try to make a band, focus on playing the fuckin instruments first, like DO said
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