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Rumors have been floating around that the PC version has been delayed. What are your thoughts?

PC Version Delayed?

Rockstar quiet on GTA IV PC slip



Remember, these are rumors. Don't get worked up...yet. tongue.gif


According to IGN, the PC version has been delayed until December 2nd.

Rockstar has delayed the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV to December 2. Even though the console versions of the critically-acclaimed shooter were released back in April, the PC version was originally set for a November launch.

While Rockstar did not give any reasons for the delay, GTA IV for the PC will feature new enhancements and additions over its console counterparts. Not only has the game been configured for the mouse and keyboard controls, but the PC version will allow players to turn the city's traffic density up, and will feature graphical updates like better draw distances.
I heard they aren't going to release the PC version at all.
QUOTE(Stoic Person Eater @ Oct 29 2008, 09:14 PM) [snapback]1470173[/snapback]
I heard they aren't going to release the PC version at all.

same i heard they were going to have bum sex instead

don't make senseless posts
QUOTE(Dedeleko @ Oct 30 2008, 05:28 AM) [snapback]1470229[/snapback]
same i heard they were going to have bum sex instead

don't make senseless posts

Take your own advice. This is the place for GTAPC rumors, not your gay fantasies.
Someone make this guy a moderator.

Nothing is official until R* says so. The GTA4 website has no mentioning of the PC version, release date or order details. There is a PC logo on the site.

I hope this drops by Christmas or there will be some very sad console-haters come Christmas morning.
Clearly Not!
Would somebody explain me something? I pre-ordered the game from Amazon and choose their free shipping which is 5 to 9 days. In the E-Mail I got from them telling me about the delay, it said:
Release date: 12/02/2008
Estimated arrival date: 12/15/2008 - 12/19/2008

WTF!!?? Why is the shipping time longer? Why is it gonna take at least 2 weeks to ship? Are they routing it through Australia? Does this mean they're gonna wait a week before shipping it? They weren't gonna do that for the original release date. Why now?

I've never pre-ordered(or even bought) a game before. How does it work? Does Amazon get the game a couple days before the official release date and ship it on the release date or do they get it when they get it and then ship it?

This delay iis for everybody, not just the US right?

I think the reason for the delay (if its true) is to take advantage of the Christmas season.

OK, I bought Nintendo games (And Atari too I think) when I was a kid. But I only chose them and didn't actually pay for them so maybe that doesn't count. tongue.gifp

Edit: I just logged in to my account at Amazon and it says ship date December 8th. Why is there a 6 day delay? There wasn't one for the original release date.
IGN is now saying that R* has confirmed the delay. See first post.
Wow. That sucks.

I sure am glad I picked this up for my console 6 months ago.
GTA IV is now slated for a European release on 21 November, while the North American version has been shifted towards a 2 December release.
QUOTE(Quim Boy @ Oct 31 2008, 05:23 PM) [snapback]1470416[/snapback]

No need to post the exact same link AGAIN >_>
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