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Tv was turning green and then it just stopped working. I thought it was a problem with my TV but turns out my xbox is mucked. I think the graphics card is mucked, going to have to send it back to Microsoft for £65. Those bastards angry.gif
An Xbox...."mucked"...Ho..bored.gif..How can this be?! ohmy.gif
Isn't a hardware failure covered under the extended 3 year warranty?
Only if it gives the RRoD.

Benzilla, you should have kept playing. When the graphics card starts to go like that it's only a couple of hours away from the RRoD at most, which would've let you get a free repair/replacement.
This just happened to me too. I never got a green screen, but I did have my Xbox freeze a few times and then fail to display a picture, which then led to my red ring. Error 0102, which is a GPU failure. I got the entire mainboard of the Xbox replaced, even the CD drive. (on request, my CD drive was having laser problems) Weird thing is, they pretty much gave me a completely new Xbox, but just the hardware. I had the same Xbox 360 case I had before. I remembered the marks I had on it.

But yeah, you should have waited it out and then sent it in.
My Xbox is back from repair (was under the 1yr warranty by only 6 days!). The lower right quadrant was flashing red which gave an error code E67 (im sure thats what it was). Happened when I was playing Call Of Duty 4, the GFX became slightly corrupted then I turned the Xbox off and boom, red light. Got it repaired for free. The motherboard was replaced according the Microsoft repair note. The cause of my error was the Graphics Chip burning out...
Or, in laymen's terms, overused tongue.gif
Heh yeah...guess so!
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