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Right I have had enough of this bullshit when you done a mission or whatever and you get spawned on a ghost street with no cars or nothing and you ring your gay nobhead cousin Roman and when you ring him a taxi appears on the street, or somtimes it doesnt! When you ask him for a cab he goes he cant send you one! Its pointless him having a taxi base if he can only send you a cab once every 3 days or somthing like that but then can ring you up and ask you if you want to go for a wank 3 times a day (COS THATS WHAT HE DOES AND HES FUCKING ANNOYING!!)

They should allow you to ring the normal yellow car/taxi line and a normal car should arrive because R* IF YOUR GOING TO INTRODUCE SYSTEM INTRODUCE A PROPER ONE NOT A SHITY ONE WHICH WORKS PART TIME!!!
Well, there are usually plenty of taxis driving around on the street. If not, I find it helps if you turn away from the road, then when you turn back some cars should've spawned. I never use Roman's taxi service at all.
yeh there are plenty of cars and taxis on the road when u r driving but wen u r not diving thats what im talking aout and when thers no cars parked either
When I'm on a street that has no cars and I want a cab, I move the game camera up so that it's looking down on Niko for a second or two, then move the camera back down and some different cars usually spawn that way. A taxi is almost always with the other cars.
Banana Boy
yea really, you are over reacting just do what the post above^^^ said, look away for a few seconds, and the Cache of the game will spawn cars automaticaly when screen veiw isnt being used, it works in all the GTA games, it even works in other games aswell, make the cache work LESS and it will out put more!
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