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Lets talk about stupid shit that happens
I think people already talk about that enough in other topics.
yea, just jump into one of the other currently active threads in here, i'm sure you'll get some feedback or comments on some shit biggrin.gif...

this topic here seems to be the place to talk about online shenanigans (second time i used that word today laugh.gif)...
Banana Boy
i can load a guy full of SMG bullets into the head and he'll only empty out like 4 into my belly and for some reason he walked off with full health and I die when i had armor on
i hate that tutorial part of the gta on line play. because i accidentally clicked on it when i was changing my player modle and i couldn't get out of it made me so mad i just went back to the dashbored than back to the gane.
I love to shoot from desert eagle and and drive comet scooter.gif
Banana Boy
QUOTE(Sarah_Vicious @ Jan 8 2009, 07:02 PM) [snapback]1478221[/snapback]
I love to shoot from desert eagle and and drive comet scooter.gif

I found out, if you find one of those People in free mode that dont move at all, and you shoot them in the head with both desert eagle and regular pistol, they dont do different damage, only body shots are a lil different my opinion regular pistol wins with almost duble ammo and the same firing speed, it out preforms it by some
It was funny yesterday in Team Deathmatch in the airport. While we were firing rockets everywhere, I spotted a sign on the grass that said something about Watch Out For Blasting and of course, that was meant for the pilots about jet blasts but it was funny because there was blasting anyway. It was like a firework display with all the explosions.

What else made me laugh was when we were all shooting rockets at each other and somebody kept whizzing back and forth on a motorcycle, weaving all around us and nobody could blow him up. It was like The Monsterbike Horrific Rider with a death wish just coming back and forth non-stop from all directions. If he was trying to run people over he never seemed to hit anyone.

When I see people flying about and doing cartwheels in the air from being blown up, it's so funny. One time I couldn't aim properly because I was laughing so much.
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