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During a visit to a strip club with a friend, I pulled out my phone to take a picture of one of the CG generated dancers grinding; as soon as I pointed the camera at the dancer on stage, all the dancers fleed the stages and I was rushed by all of the security in the club (who were all gunned down, mind you).

It was basically the same thing as when you get up on stage while the strippers are dancing.

What other actions in the strip clubs (other than obvious violence or weapons discharge) will get you kicked out?
bumping, or groping a stripper gets you kicked out too... i always tend to stay as far away as i can when i am with friends because, i have a tendency to bump into people... i do it all the time on the streets but, you'll get kicked out of the club if you do it inside...
If you bring you phone out they wont attack you right away. They will approach you and ask you to put the phone away.

in a mission ( for U L Paper, i forget which one) roman sends you a picture of a stripper to your phone (you can't meet him there cause you're flying a heli, so he sends a pic). wtf? how could he take one? lolz, this game is all jacked up.
roman is untouchable
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