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mine is about a black guy in his fifties who goes by Jellybean. it takes place in Detroit.

he was a jazz musician in his twenties when he got the nickname. he was doing fine until he got mugged. people took his saxaphone and his money. with no money he couldn't buy a new saxaphone, and with no saxaphone, he couldn't make money. he became homeless. one day, his homeless friend became sick. he saw a lady set down her purse around the corner. he ran over and took it to buy his friend medicine. it was then that he realized that crime was his ticket out of the gutter and back into society. one day he tried to rob another criminal, who then pulled a gun on him. he was forced to work for that other criminal. then he met other people through that criminal and it goes on.
QUOTE(firebird999 @ Oct 3 2008, 10:23 PM) [snapback]1467221[/snapback]
mine is about a black guy in his fifties who goes by Jellybean.

I stopped reading right there.
lolz. i'm tired. couldn't think of a good nickname for a jazz dude...
Jellybean. Ha. v.gif
Why not "Slick Sax"

Yes? No?

I'm having a brain fart!

as much as i love jellybeans i hate this one >:(
They should make GTA London, That would be cool
Beast Jericho

New Orleans> London/Detroit
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