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Rockstar is known for their sexual humor, but there are some funny drug-related businesses and other things too. What have you found?

There's a place in Northwood called "Party Piece" which is a weed pipe with a big-ass bowl.
Another place in Northwood is called "Spoon Up" which refers to cooking up your favorite brown powder.
A store in Star Junction is named "Hawaiian Snow" after the strain of weed.

There are a lot of them out there. Add your favorites.
Can I delete my own threads? This one didn't go anywhere.
QUOTE(Seeen @ Oct 9 2008, 11:08 PM) [snapback]1467927[/snapback]
This one didn't go anywhere.

Wow, you can say that again.

You should just have it locked so that people won't keep bumping this thread to comment on how much of an epic failure it was.

If you really need help picking out all of the drug references in this game, you're retarded. The game is full of them, Jacob hotboxes the car, Packie snorts lines, Derek is a heroin addict. The entire game is one big drug innuendo, open your eyes.
Banana Boy
yeah really thats why on the "Rated M for mature" ESRB rating it says "drug use"
Well, I didn't need help spotting them, I was just trying to make a thread like the "sexual allusions" one because it's entertaining to post in.

However, you're right, they're all over the entire game. This thread should be nuked.
I was kind of kidding. I didn't mean to be so hard on you though. I respect your desire to foster discussion in these forums.
Sooo.... continuing this thread, I guess.

-The badass old Thunderbird-looking coupe is called the "Peyote."
-There's a clothing company in the game called "16:20" which is 4:20 in the afternoon.
Sorry if someone already said this, but the street the strip club in Bohan is on is called Coxsack street. rolleyes.gif
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