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this seems like the appropriate place to post this biggrin.gif... anyways, i just found some info on the new DS game, chinatown wars... read the scans and check out the photos... i found it after reading some idiots thread about some french guy getting an advance copy of GTA for the PC, which to me was a bunch of BS... but, after clicking on the website, i found these scans from a nintendo power article concerning chinatown wars...

...personally, after reading all of this, i think this just might work... and work very well!! i can now see why R* really wanted to tackle the DS and show off some of their ideas on what is possible with it... if i had a DS, i would be uber excited!! laugh.gif...
already read it in the magazine. this game will be sweet! it's the same map as IV. i just hope that you can use ds wi-fi for deathmatches.
Looks pretty decent graphically, and the minigames sound fun too. Although I don't own a DS so I won't be getting it.
I think it sounds good but looks shit, it's too much like GTA 1 & 2 and that's not a good thing, I pictured this game being totally different.
QUOTE(ViceMan @ Sep 24 2008, 06:36 AM) [snapback]1466052[/snapback]
I don't own a DS so I won't be getting it.

I don't like shitty games so I won't be getting it.
QUOTE(Quim Boy @ Sep 24 2008, 07:43 AM) [snapback]1466056[/snapback]
I think it sounds good but looks shit, it's too much like GTA 1 & 2 and that's not a good thing, I pictured this game being totally different.

they say its a top-down perspective view so, the roads and action are angled in front of you... it's a little different but, it still is a throwback to the old games... there's just no way you could do GTAIV from the perspective of consoles... the DS would never be able to handle that... but, supposedly it is the map of liberty city but, with some minor roads and stuff taken out... and of course, cell-shaded...

if i owned a DS, i would get excited but, i don't know how many DS users this website has... my guess is one... but, i like the ideas of the mini games and they look like they're pulled off nicely... all in all, it seems like a good effort from R* leeds and, i am sure it will pay dividens once it's released... but, it's probably not gonna convert any console players into DS players but, it will begin to open the doors for a partnership between R* and nintendo... and probably push the DS to newer levels... they say this game will pack so much stuff in it that, it could change the way companies make games for the DS...

leave it to R* to challenge others to push the limits... when don't they do that? laugh.gif...
QUOTE(turd burglar @ Sep 24 2008, 09:43 PM) [snapback]1466134[/snapback]
if i owned a DS, i would get excited but, i don't know how many DS users this website has... my guess is one...

*cough* hasahalfbrokenonebutstilluseable *cough*
That game looks fun!
I like the hot wiring and stuff.
This game looks fuckin' cool! I can't wait to play it.
i got a ds!! but im not buying this, ima stick to my nintendogs.
Johnson Sit Down!
Yeah, I got a DS also, I may buy this, I may not... I haven't decided yet. I'd like the minigames but I still wish that the DSI would could out sooner, then maybe the DS would have enough horsepower for a highly detailed version of GTA CW. I'm looking forward on seeing reports of kids trying to buy the game or stock-market-reports. If I bought it, I'd only play it till I beat it. Then i'd practically throw it away. Only after a month after GTA 4 came out, I saw at least 10 used at Gamestop. Well, some people said Gamestop's a joke, but i'm not getting into that. So, i'd said that some people would buy it but i'm undecided.

Stay Tuned... OR PARISH! -Stewie

Ive got a DS, but im not sure about this game.
It'll probably be aweful like GTA advance and you get bored after so long. or it might be amazing and become the game of the year.(on DS)
in all honesty, this isn't on my pre-order list, so im not going to fork out the money for it and get a bad game.
I'd rather wait for some decent reviews from people I know (or play it on my mate's DS).
Mother Fucking Ruger
Is there a Chinatown Wars forum? Isn't the game released already? Or do we just post all the chinatown wars shit here.
Nobody bought it, so we don't talk about it.
But it is coming to PSP, so more of us will start talking about it soon i'm sure!
I'm also sure. smile.gif

Can't wait to see some media from the PSP version, just got the DS version to the full 100% and planned on getting it on the PSP also. smile.gif
The toch-screen features have to be "translated" to the PSP, so It will be interesting to see how they will manage that.

Does anyone know if it is the original III Liberty City map or is it a completely new map?
It's the GTA IV map, minus Alderney. Although, now that it's on PSP, they certainly have room to add Alderney to the mix.
Aha that's cool. Does it resemble the map? i mean will you be able to find your way around if you know the GTA IV map?
The changed a couple of things, but it's mostly cosmetic, the actual map is almost unaltered.
Awesome. I guess they are more proud of the new Liberty City, so why not port it. I'm sure there will be a lot more content available for the PSP version. As the PSP Go is going digital, they could make games huge in terms of DLC also. As long as you have a large enough memory.
They did have to rebuild the city and make all of the roads straight though, because of the top down view. You can see the map over at the "other" site, DuPz0r wink.gif
Cool, i'll check it out.
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