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Ok, I'm not the best photographer, i know. But i did get a new camera and i really felt like trying something new. So i started to experiment with the long exposures, aperture width, shutter speeds etc.

These are my very first astrophotos (star pictures) so i need to work on a good exposure. But i just wanted to know if anyone was interested in them? maybe in the future i can get a decent telescope for some real astrophotography

I also wanted to know if anyone has any tips/experience in this, or even just general exposure tips.
I have a 10.2megapixel digital camera with 5x optical zoom with a maximum shutter speed of 15 seconds, ISO up to 1600 if any of this info helps.


I have a lot of light pollution around my house as well, so this makes pictures harder to capture. I need to find a lightless area to take them next time.
By amateur I though you porn but this is still pretty cool. Are those shooting stars? I'd say thats a pretty lucky sight since I've only seen a couple in my entire life.
Oh no, sorry i forgot to mention i live near Heathrow airport, so a load of planes kept going over while i was shooting.
It's a good start, perhaps you should just take pictures of anything, jus to hone your skills.
Well i can just take pictures of random things, i have done a level 1 photography course, so i'll post them. But its just much harder doing images at night because of the extended exposure times.
Damn those are pretty fucking good. May I just ask the model of your Camera? Stats mean shit to me without a model name. /fussy.

I love the first one. Also is your cam set to ISO 1600 in these pictures?

edit: just looked at the filename and it says iso400 on the end. Durrrr.
I have a Samsung S1065 10.2 megapixel:

Oh, here are some attempts at the moon lol

Does your camera have the ability to manually adjust the shutter speed? I'm guessing not cause it's not a DSLR.

If you can increase your shutter speed to say an hour and set your camera on a tripod you can get some really good star shots. Every star will form a curved line through the sky.

What time of day are you taking the pics, always looks to be a lot of light in the shots. Maybe it would be worth driving out of town a bit to lose the light pollution.
unfortunately nah, its not an SLR so i have a maximum of 15 seconds V_V
I think you'd love Bulb Photography... those moon photo's are epic, DuP. Thought about investing in a DSLR? I understand that's a new photo, and you've got other things to spend money on too, but there's always planning for some time in the future, I'm myself a Nikon D90.. in a years time. It'll probably be a bit outdated by then, but 12 megapixels will still be too much for me even in a years time.
Yeah, my friend just got a Cannon DSLR for around £400, so i know they are well worth the cost. But i have a child now, and i have much more things i need then another camera, at the moment anyway.
QUOTE(DuPz0rô @ Sep 23 2008, 11:33 PM) [snapback]1465997[/snapback]
Yeah, my friend just got a Cannon DSLR for around £400, so i know they are well worth the cost. But i have a child now, and i have much more things i need then another camera, at the moment anyway.

Yeah I was thinkin of your kid while typing it out (that's not half as wrong as it sounds), DSLR's are money hoggers though, I got a Nikon D40, £267.99 for the cam... Good deal! Maybe I'll need a pack for it too.. Okay I'll buy one of them, oh and a remote for it, who could live without a remote?

Got the remote, got it all nicely wrapped in it's padded bag.

Lenses. Let's not get started on lenses and their prices. At first you look at them and their stats and shit and think "Oh I'll only use the one that comes with the camera anyway"... For about ten minutes, until you understand the lens, then you need more to fit other photography styles.

How am I gonna keep all these darn non flash pictures steady?

I'll buy a tripod! A fucking tripod will keep it steady!

You get my drift, etc etc, blah-blah. They're hell, but oh so worth it if you can afford it. I'm lucky, I have a good paying job and am still bumming around at my mums at the moment, getting myself a nice little stash of things like sound system, cam, TV, then moving into my own place and concentrating on my bills and my life. I had a place before but me and the missus split, so. Yah.
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