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Sorry if its been posted before but yeh

1. Get a car
2. Go to your safehouse in VineWood (not Mad dogs mansion)
3. Drive the car into the backyard where the pool is. Drive against the wall so you dont fall off the edge.
4. do the car flying cheat. Up Down L1 R1 L1 right left L1 Left.
5. Speed into the corner of the wall in the back where the pool is. (not in the pool)
6. You are now in the under world.
7. Pause the map
8. Mark a marker where area 69 is.
9. Fly there
10. Once you get near it, you will be spawned inside.
11. to get out, kill yourself

and thats how you do it notworthy.gif
Yeah, that's old-ass news. It is a cool trick though.
There are much easier ways tough.
QUOTE(neko_ceko @ Sep 21 2008, 02:10 PM) [snapback]1465737[/snapback]
There are much easier ways tough.

Yes like using the legitimate jetpack, and going through
the many holes to the underground, in Las Venturas.

Since he is mentioning the 4 year old Mullholand safe house
rear wall, it is obvious that he's playing PS2 version 1.
Well if you're going to use that version, you might as well
jetpack right through the front door of the LV planning
commission, as that is one of the most famous and easy to use
entrances to the underworld. It's very close to the only Trans Fender
car mod shop in Las Venturas. East of the mod shop, is a tall
building with black windows. The front door is on the south side.
Personally I've never found anything interesting in Area 69,
that you couldn't get somewhere else, all spawns are common.
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