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OK my question: i have got 1012MB RAM (2 512mb cards) but i want 2gb and i need to know what the hell i need to buy the correct RAM card. because i really have no clue what i need, where to find it ect...
Use the system scanner on Crucial's website:
OK so i can tell now what i got tongue.gif so can you tell me what exactly i need to know to buy the fitting RAM card?
LOL I wanted to check out that crucial system scanner out of curiosity and when I tried to run it, it crashed my system (BSOD). I started up again and opened FF. Whatever I was typing in here before the crash was still here. FF is cool like that.

What I was trying to say before the BSOD was... I thought that the Crucial system scanner will recommend RAM that is guaranteed to work with your system. If you want us to recommend memory other than what Crucial suggests, then you will have to post the information you got from the system scanner.
QUOTE(Dedeleko @ Sep 13 2008, 12:46 PM) [snapback]1464696[/snapback]

I think 2GB total memory should be enough. What you are mostly using the PC for?

I would say go for the single 1GB stick DDR2 PC2 - 4200 ($20).
I would not recommend the DDR2 PC2 - 6400 because it would not be worth the extra money. Your current memory is DDR2 PC2 - 5200. When you mix different types of memory sticks they will operate at the speed of the slowest stick (In your case 5200).
If you buy the 4200 stick it will also slow it down, but you will not notice a drop in performance. In fact you will notice an increase in performance. Memory capacity has a much bigger performance impact than the speed. Especially when the increase/decrease in speed is very close to the next.
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