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Anybody seen this? Is it any good?
Im going cinema later with the family, and I just wondered if anyone knew if this is just a couple hours of will ferrell-ism's put together and called a 'comedy' or not.
Yeah.. Uhh.. Don't see this with your family. Unless you like seeing Will Ferrell's genitals rub up on a drumset. Or John C. Reilly getting fucked multiple times.

It's a reeeally funny movie, though. See it another time.
I haven't saw this movie, yet, people say it's funny.

Worth seeing maybe?

I'm gonna buy it on DVD.
It was a good movie, much better than I thought it would be. One of his better generic 90 min comedies.
It has just come out in the UK, so i'll be going to the cinema soon to watch it with my partner. We both love Will Ferrel's slapstick humor, so it's a film we both wanna see.
I think I will probably go and see this it does look pretty funny, although I haven't been to impressed with Will's last few films really, but this one should hopefully be alot better.

I went to see The Strangers the other day, my god that film sucks ass, its about as scary as a 4 year old girl with a bag on her head lol

I know its off topic a bit but as anyone else seen this yet???
I'm waiting for a scene or aXXo release for the Strangers, actually. Sadism usually makes for better horror in my opinion.
It was okay, there were some laughs but I enjoyed Tropic Thunder more than I did Step Brothers.
I watched this on Friday, I think it's pretty funny, it was alot better that I thought it would be and everyone in the cinema was laughing so I think its defo worth a watch.

Also Disaster Movie is the worst fim EVER, do not watch this film as it will make you want to rip your eyes out with a coat hanger! Lol. Seriously the worst film ever made, the 2 twats who keep writing these films need to be shot in the face with a shotgun!!!
funny movie, worth watching
QUOTE(zgzg @ Oct 14 2008, 08:13 AM) [snapback]1468525[/snapback]
funny movie, worth watching

Wow, you really sold me on this film! Great descriptions! Sounds HILARIOUS!
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