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Fucking hilarious, I really recommend watching it. Also, the chick is hot.

Yeah that movie made my day. I'd rate it top 10 best movies of 2008 (comically)
Up there with Pineapple Express and Step Brothers. The more milder of the bunch.
I never watched Pineapple Express but Step Brothers was the best movie I've seen all year. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet though. I'll see it soon though, I should have gone last week!
I thought it would suck. I will be sure to go see it, now.
It reminds me a bit of Borat
It's pretty funny.
Ex-PS Fanboy
well i wouldn't give it the best rating, but it was REALLY funny, but i didn't find it as good as Adam Sandlers other movies, like Big Daddy, or Mr.Deeds, however, i'd still recommend seeing it
Darth Sexy
Don't let the first 20 minutes fool you, this film is actually quite funny.
I like adam sandler, but i thouht this was one of his worst movies, there were some pretty funny moments, but i wasnt impressed.
I'll admit the same. John Turturro didn't impress me either. I usually like his characters. But this film is a good throwaway that you can't get away with not knowing.
QUOTE(IndĽ @ Aug 21 2008, 10:56 AM) [snapback]1460349[/snapback]
Fucking hilarious, I really recommend watching it. Also, the chick is hot.


thanks for sharing~
Really, its awesome. He brushes his teeth with Humus!XD
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