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AndrewDzIV21 is at it again with a sequel to his Transmissions video that we previously posted. Be sure to check that out if you missed it.


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I dont see whats really good about these videos, ok they may have took time and abit of effort to make them but still theres nothing really special about them
I agree. But this one is better than the last. I think there's too much ICP on it mostly, my only gripe.
Well the carnival i guess has been very misunderstood, but theres no hard feelings. as for the video, I use what can be used with the Grand Theft Auto 4 gameplay, So naturally Rap is the best way to go, they say lil short lines of jacking cars, then riding a boat, to jumping off of a huge buildings. ICP does the wicked shit, thats shooting in face with guns, stabbing people, burning alive, you know, wicked shit!. Im down with the clown, and its cool if you dont know what that means, most people dont know, and thats why they hate ICP. cause its natural for people to dislike what they cant understand. Just dont judge the video by the music, the clips are like 3 seconds long, no ones making you sit through an entire 4 minute song that you dont like. but anyways I got much luv to PyroHazard, and and anyone and everyone who likes my videos.

-Andrew Daniels
>AndrewDz Video<
I'm impressed. I like the intro, I like the various different ideas you've had, and the bit later on where he's trying to order a "chilito" actually made me laugh out loud for some weird reason. Some bits are repetitive or uninteresting, but having made various videos using GTA4 gameplay, I know how difficult it can be, so you get an A for effort from me. Nice one smile.gif.
If I may elaborate, I do like this video but on second watch it's lost its flavor. That's what I meant. I did chuckle a couple of times and you do deserve good credit for the video.

And on ICP, I used to listen to them. I got their "last" CD back in '02 or '03 and I loved it. But I don't like the shows and their fans can be stupid. Plus, ICP isn't the only band that writes demented shit in that style. I just wanted to hear more diversity. Add more corny pop rock songs! That's what made Vice City so f'n funny!
And I would also like to add to anyone seeing this,
I would appreciate any Ideas you have for the Third video.
Like from music ideas, to gameplay ideas, to city location ideas.
Cause If everyone here at IVTV forums has at least one idea,
then I can make an awesome video that you all thought up.

I think it would be a good plan.

and if you have myspace, add me -
last name, Daniels

add me at Yahoo messenger,

and of coarse watch more of my videos, and subscribe if you like them.

Thank You,
-AndrewDz Video
Hey, I finally thought of a song bro. It's either off Eminem's first or second CD but the reference is he's about to kick a fat bitch off of something... maybe a diving board, and the bitch does this funny "wa, wait, wait, wait" thing. It cracked me up when I was little. So I was thinking, that mission where you chase a guy on the rooftops and can choose his fate... skit that. One less ICP song! tongue.gif
cannot watch right now,will be able to on friday when i get back to my own computer,complete with sound v_v
I liked the first one.
This one I did not watch all the way through, the part with the fast food restaurant, I closed it.
That was just plain boring to watch.
Ex-PS Fanboy
i actually like that, it was a different idea, rather than all these stunt montages
I thought it was pretty good. I got a good song. Dr Dre Keep they heads ringing

"runnin n:ggas over like christine"

actually the whole song has quite a bit of samples that could be used
QUOTE(TwoFacedTanner @ Aug 22 2008, 06:10 AM) [snapback]1460603[/snapback]
I liked the first one.
This one I did not watch all the way through, the part with the fast food restaurant, I closed it.
That was just plain boring to watch.

i ended up stopping it just after the fast food part.the first for me was much better.
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