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...Is that possible?

I ask you that because that is my goal, my friends!

When I mean an entire new city I mean, new roads, cars, people, maps, signs, music, the works, every single visible aspect of the game to be changed from San Andreas to a new city... And if so, if it is possible, then how would you advise me to get started?

I'm a big fan of GTA San Andreas and I am a little bit experienced with game editing and modding, but I have never tweaked around GTA nor have I any knowledge of its engine or editing tools...

That's where I need your help, I have looked for tutorials on how to edit the maps but honestly I prefer talking to people and getting input from their experience...

Some info on the project, I'm from Brazil, so like many, many, many of my fellow countrymen, it's one of my life-long dreams to play a GTA SA mod that takes place in Brazilian cities... My ultimate goal would be to design a perfect replica of Sao Paulo, my hometown and one of the largest cities in the world... But for starters I'm on to a much simpler task that is to duplicate Osasco, a 1 million inhabitant city in the outskirts of Sao Paulo that's currently my residence. Should I succeed, then the ground would be set for the Guns of Sao Paulo! (and other brazilian cities, why not?)...

Some questions are important,
1- Has any mod of this magnitude (an entire new map & graphics) ever been made? If so, what tools have been used?
2- Will it be possible to play it on my PS2?
3- Do you want to help me in any way?

Thanks guys,

Rock on!
QUOTE(Stoic Person Eater @ Aug 18 2008, 06:17 PM) [snapback]1459977[/snapback]

Wow I didn't even no about that I would have got that... snf (31).gif
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