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It's the latest installment by Mike Myers, and it's about an American man who grew up in an Indian ashram and became a Love Guru. He is given a job by his agent to get a celebrity back with his wife, so he can appear on Opera and become the most famous guru in America.

I wasn't expecting much from it, although Mike Myers is a legend. But yeah, there is some really funny stuff in there. If you liked the Austin powers, you'll love this. It's actually a really funny film.

I rate it - 9/10

Has anyone else seen it? Tell us what you thought.
Ex-PS Fanboy
i'd say 7/10 cuz i was expecting a lot more from it

but i'l bump it up to 10/10, because Stephen Colbert was in it.
I guess it all depends on how much you are expecting. I expected nothing, so it was great. If i watched it expecting the best, i would've been disappointed.

i found some of Myers word play funny, and some of his jokes made me chuckle.
Welcome back, Fanboy! Hahaha. I never saw this. Looked like a rental to me. VERNE TROYER!
Ex-PS Fanboy
well the only reason i really went to see it was because of Colbert.

I'll watch this when it's free on HBO.

I'm not expecting much, but I'll smoke until it's funny.
i've given up on mike myers movies... if he isn't making any new austin powers movies then, i am not really that interested... his potty jokes are getting a little old... there's gonna be a shrek 4 movie but, number 3 wasn't all that great so, i am not expecting much from 4 either...

i will however rent love guru when it's released on netflix just cause... i'm running out of movies to rent and, i don't mind wasting 2 hours at home watching something mildly funny... and like stoic said, smoking ought to help out a little biggrin.gif...
Yeah, smoking will help out tongue.gif
QUOTE(DuPz0rô @ Aug 15 2008, 08:03 AM) [snapback]1459538[/snapback]
Yeah, smoking will help out

I think that statement applies to most everything in life.
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