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ZOMBIES!!! it would be cool to make a mode where you have a destination to get to however
liberty city is infested with zombies now instead of making animations for zombie specific movements just give all the pedestrians bats,knives,bottles,2x4s,trash random stuff and have them all attack you. traffic should only be parked (it be cool to see a car hauling ass by though once in a while) and the streets should be highly infested with zombies soo its hard to move also i think it would be cool if there was some people who werent zombies running down the streets and getting killed and shit. the only way to kill the zombies would be to shoot them in the head they should also walk very slowly just like real zombies.
it should be up to 4 people or have a vs mode where two teams of 4 or less try to make it to a checkpoint before the other team each team should have the same distance to go to the check point just start out on another block.
anyone like this?
id play this mode more then anything.
I was chatting to someone about something similar actually. It'll be like Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising, but on a GTA scale. I'd love a zombie mode.
It seems every game needs a zombie mode. Even in MGO they made up their own zombie game. Its not an official mode but one that players made up themselves. Its hard though because not everyone plays by the rules.
i did that mode on mgo i got booted because i didnt know the rules exactly i mean i was in there for 1 minute and i was booted lol
This is a great idea! Sort of a Shaun of the Dead type of thing. I'd love to play this.
I've also talked about this with other people, it seems with the zombie outfit being available, it would be very plausable that a "ZOMBIE MODE" could be included with DLC.

There have been plenty of games that have featured zombie or virus modes that are virtually games of tag, where you have to infect other players, it would be nice to see GTA4 put a different spin on it, maybe where everyone battles together on a team trying to escape the zombie infestation plaguing the city...
QUOTE(craniumkick @ Aug 11 2008, 03:03 AM) [snapback]1458810[/snapback]
i did that mode on mgo i got booted because i didnt know the rules exactly i mean i was in there for 1 minute and i was booted lol

Usually its the red team as zombies and the blue team as humans. It starts with a few zombies and the rest of blue. Zombies can only knife and humans use guns. Usually only handguns so the Zombies actaully have a chance in hell. I fucking hate when they give humans every gun. Way too easy. Anyways. If you get killed you then switch to red, thus becoming a zombie. You probably joined right away on red and started shooting people. That is why you got booted.
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