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Are you guys ready to see the ultimate one of a kind GTA driving video? I have uploaded this video to show the world my unique driving skills in San Andreas (PC/Keyboard) I guarantee this wont waste your time. Enjoy!
what would be impressive to me:

A video of the Last Driving School Test, Complete ... start to finish (cross town and back). I've seen partials.
Well I liked it until the end.
Worst fucking video I've ever seen. Let me guess, you've been honing your driving skills for years, waiting to do this video? In the meantime, the world moved on, played GTA IV, got bored, and moved on again.

Scratching the walls isn't good skills, missing lamp posts in your slalom definitely isn't good skills, and I bet you felt like a real man when you hit the car and tree and then went on to jump using the enormous barrier. Hitting that thing was one of the first things I did in SA, I'm sure everyone can do it.
Oh, and the crash where your shitty hardware messed up the draw distance: Fucking hilarious. I bet you were screaming at the computer screen, eh?

Now lets just put that ego back in its box.
the youtube rating for this video really reflects it's quality.
IMHO driving on the pavement and missing lamp posts =bad driving.

PS Now i see you crasing into a car. ahahah
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