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HI, I have a problem... I am with the misions in Las Venturas. I`ve done the Madd Dog mision and I haven`t recive any call for ``Saint Mark's Bistro``... Is there any thing to do or somenthing?
Just to be sure, You have completed ALL the missions at the Verdant Meadows Airfield.

Other than that spend time Walking around, calls don't come through while driving.
No I am stuck at the Stowaway mission... that with the bike. The plane it`s too fast... I just can`t reach it. I`ve tried the mission like 30 times and non even close to the plane....
Start by holding down the accelerator button. Just drive straight, donít shoot at anybody. The barrels come off in groups of three with a space in between. Before the third set you must head for the ramp. thereís a whole bunch of fancy button pushing to allegedly make the bike go faster, but I've never used more than just heading for it.

Now another way that was revealed was to get the Mini-Gun (found on the SF side railroad bridge pillar) and blast the Plane until it blows up. then make your way on board and the glitch will continue the mission from there. apparently the plane may disappear but it is still there invisible. allegedly you can even go do other things and invisible plane will for you to complete the mission. A true Glitch.

How's your skill with a knife, sword, or shovel once you get on board?
FInaly I`ve did the mission but not with the up arrow key. In the advanced display options I`ve turn off the frame limiter and lower the draw distance. After this, the mission was no problem
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