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Did R8 mentionne any Minimum Requirements for GTA 4 PC ?

If not any guesses ?
Nothing official yet. We have a page on the site which is a guess at best ( ) but those are probably complete rubbish because:

You need more than 768MB of RAM to run Vista alone, let alone GTA4 on top of it.
I can't see a Pentium 4 being able to process Euphoria on the scale that it appears in GTA4
The ATI 9800 Pro is about 4-5 years old now and, if it did actually work with GTA4, you would barely have any textures at all.

The recommended specs are a bit more realistic but the minimum doesn't seem enough to me.
Whatever they are, it would be bad economics for them to be so high that that most people wouldn't be able to play the game on their current system.

Why does Vista take twice as much RAM as XP to run? Because of that 3D desktop.
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