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Its nothing major but i thought i might aswell post it. tongue.gif

Anyway i was bored and i was messing about, causing destruciton, you know the usual..

So i got in a taxi and told him to drive to the assassins phone and whilst being driven there i equiped granades and removed the clip while in the taxi (held L1). Then i put it in cinimatic view to see the taxi go BOOM but when the grenade blew, the explosion came form inside the cab and didnt damage it at all. I was like wtf?!

After that the driver stopped and got out, and then the actualy taxi blew up and i died. ohmy.gif

Anyone else had this?? Im not sure exactly how it happens cause iv done it before without it glitching like that.

Its a kinda pointless fine but whatever. smile.gif
I just blew up as usual. blink.gif
QUOTE(ViceMan @ Aug 5 2008, 08:22 PM) [snapback]1457867[/snapback]
I just blew up as usual. blink.gif

me too doh (12).gif
Me three. One time only glitch, then.
QUOTE(TheAnalogKid2112 @ Aug 5 2008, 09:48 PM) [snapback]1457934[/snapback]
Me three. One time only glitch, then.

I'mma try it tonight.
i do it all the time
QUOTE(angeal 18 @ Aug 14 2008, 07:12 PM) [snapback]1459478[/snapback]
i do it all the time

we´ve kinda came to a conclusion it was a one time glitch (or fake),so i suspect bullshit.
I say [bullshit]grenade post[/bullshit].
GTA ShutDown
I do this in helicopters on Multiplayer while im in the side seat.

Looks like Fireworks if you hold it down and let go.

Maybe if you have the 360 version its fixed but on PS3 version it works.

Or its Bullshit.gif
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