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Shade Tail
Found this a few days ago. Sorry if it's already been posted tongue.gif

I was in free mode with my brother, and we decided to take a chopper to Playboy X's house. (Cos we can't get in through the doors)
After getting inside the house, I looked at the TV and noticed the buttons from the multiplayer lobby were in the bottom right of the screen.
I told my brother to look at it, but he couldn't see it, so I think it's a 'host only' secret.

Heres a pic happy.gif
Crappy quality, but still proof that it exists.
As soon as PSN lets me sign in i'll go and check it out. dry.gif

Edit: Yeah I see it too, doesn't appear to do anything though, so I shot the telly.

Oh and you don't need a heli to get into PBX's apartment, just use the fire escape stairs, park a car at the bottom or jump onto the dumpster, then up onto the stairs.
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