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Don't know about you, but one of my favorite things is to find a good defensive position, incite some trouble with the authorities, get a high wanted rating and then see how long I can last as the police forces of San Andreas converge on me. Only been playing so long and just got to Las Venturas, but see a lot of good potential in the city so wanted to ask if others play this same game and, if so, where are your favorite spots (doesn't have to be just LV)?

My favorite so far is in San Fiero, near the Xoomer safe house. If you head west past the 4 weapon icons and across the dirt stretch, you will come to a damaged building overlooking the next block with a "ramp" of sorts that allows you to easily head up to second floor. Once there, the south side has no roof and you can drop grenades on the street below to get those wanted stars in a hurry and then fight off the police from that perch. If the helicopters are getting the best of you, you can duck a few feet north on the same level as it has a roof. Best of all, like to leave a fast bike at the bottom of the ramp so, when your health gets low or you get a little bored, you can quickly run down to it, hop on and see how long you can survive flying around San Fiero with the full force of the PD, FBI and army gunning for you!

Anybody else have a good spot to defend?
I like to defend/annihilate the LV airport. When going for "King of San Andreas" criminal rating, it's the best spot. Any aircraft is worth 30 points and there are a lot of planes that spawn there, plus the police choppers come right to you.

I use the NRG-500 to zip up and down the runway, hopping off every few seconds to blast something with the minigun. After about 30-60 minutes of satisfying destructive progress I zip around the army roadblocks while drive-bying and save at the Redsands East crib, just to the right of the airport.

Not exactly my last stand, but it's still a lot of explosions.
I can't believe people still play this game, I haven't played SA for at least 3 years!

I'm not saying its wrong to or that it's a shit game but I just can't stand them shitty graphics anymore and the fact that my PS2 has been in my wardrobe collecting dust since I bought my 360 and probably wouldn't even work anymore is the main reason lol.
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