the other day i played cops n crooks which i havent done in a while ive noticed there was new starting areas for the crooks as well as new 'checkpoints' or whatever. and im wondering where are the new tracks for gta race and race? i was hoping they would add some more soon as im tired of all the tracks they have now. im thinking they should make some that involve going onto the few offroad areas (the beaches,middlepark,the airport offroad area,short cuts through dirt areas,.) also i think it be cool if they made some tracks that involve hitting a insane stunt jump or any random jumps around the city.

i was screwing around the other day offline just driving around making some tracks up i was having a blast i thought it would be cool if you could make your own custom tracks i think that would be a blast id spend shitloads of time making custom tracks.
anyone got any news about new tracks? will they make some more when dlc comes out?