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update 2.42

Has anyone been able to download this update?
There is no info about it on the PS3 site at this stage.
According to Kotaku it's just a hunk of stability fixes.
i downloaded it yesterday with no problems
I was having a shit load of troubles downloading this update last night. It took like a minute to prepare to download, then it took like 4 minutes to get each percent. Error occurred during the download operation. ALWAYS. Trying until about 3 in the morning until I gave up.
Tried again this morning and took like 5 minutes to download. No problems now.
done with no problems.
My PS3 stopped working about over a week ago, I got in contact with Sony and they sent me a replacement today. Thing is, I think I had installed the 2.42 update and I'm worried it fucked my PS3 up, as I have read of it doing so to some users PS3s on the Internet. I'm afraid of updating my PS3 and it doing the same again, however I can't go online without it. Would waiting for 2.43 ease my concerns? Any advice guys? Cheers.
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