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Guys, I'm at a loss. I've hunted online for every tip available and watched 6 videos. Some were a sight to behold, others were a bit of a joke (falling off cliffs, spinning out, etc.), but all easily finished inside of 5 minutes. Meanwhile, I've run the course about 25 times and never beat 8:49 even though I'm running what must be nearly the best course possible (based on own practice and above videos) and done so virtually flawlessly a couple times.

Watching others' videos, their trucks take off from the start like bats out of hell. They just seem to have a way higher acceleration and top speed than mine. As an example, they all hit that 2nd checkpoint as you cross the railroad tracks in 7-8 seconds, while mine takes at least 20 seconds!?!

Am I somehow accelerating incorrectly or messing something else up? All I'm doing is holding the gas down, steering R/L, and using the 4 wheel drive on a couple tight turns. Swear up and down I'm running it nearly as good or better than every video I've seen.

Please let me know if you know what's up. Even better, please give it a shot on your machine and either a) pass it for me (and feel free to rain scorn as there is no chance I could be more frustrated than I already am) or cool.gif experience my pain and confirm I'm not crazy.

Link is and the game is version 2.0 for the PC. Thanks!
Okie Dookie.

Here's your passed mission file.

You have $2000.

CJ got a Phone Call to go to the Ranch for the next mission.

Time was 5:24 finished 5th on the list.
I am using a Logitech Dual Action GamePad. (straight from the box, no adjustment other than switching gamepad on in options menu nor any Drivers needed. Running Vista Home Premium OS)

Running Straight (overland/crosscountry) from Pylon to Pylon.
Clipping the pylon (close enough to trip it, but not going through it).
Only time on a road was when it was between the pylons.
Almost rolled over in one gully but as expected the Monster righted itself.
Holy sh**. Can't believe you passed it and can't thank you enough! Pretty sad, but I would give a fair amount to have seen it happen. Was honestly thinking I would just have to give up this game. After a couple more battles for fun against the police, of course... Thanks again.
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