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...soooo not as lameo as it looks. it's nifty. go see it...!! kinda sci-fi..ish .. has some truth to it, me thinks =x
I really liked it, sure its a child's film but I liked how they didn't give the robots "real" voices. Plus I thought the basis was good.
Darth Sexy
I saw the preview for it, and I have no idea how they'll manage to get a film out of it. I might check it out, if I'm bored enough.
Looks awesome, can't wait.
I might check it out if I'm really stoned and bored.
just seen the trailer
looks good
I saw it, quite funny in some parts but there is next to no talking in it, it starts fun but gets boring as it gets into it...
QUOTE(zgzg @ Oct 14 2008, 08:18 AM) [snapback]1468529[/snapback]
just seen the trailer
looks good

Stop. Posting. Meaningless. Shit.

I thought Wall-E was an awesome movie for a Disney Pixar film.
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