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Severus Snape
Ok, so last night I was playing GTA and decided to do the vigilante missions. I normally could care less about getting 100%, but I thought what the heck - I'll give it a shot. So off I go to find a cop car and kill some well-deserving criminals.

After getting really frustrated trying to do it manually, I decided to use the "glitch" that exists (for more information on the glitch do a search on this site). So I am doing the glitch and I get to level 12 and it works beautifully and I get the added armor bonus and the music plays and we're all happy now. I'm ready to exit the Cluckin Bell and get on with playing the game (and doing some more side missions - maybe Zero's).

But the missions didn't end. I still had the timer to get back in the cop car. So I get back in the cop car, and the game proceeds to vigilante mission 13. I didn't have my pc near me, so I couldn't remember what the walkthrough said about the number of missions. I think to myself "Maybe there's a limit, and once you hit that you get another bonus". So I keep doing the glitch.

I got to around level 25 with the glitch, and it wouldn't stop. I'm confused - normally, when a mission has been completed and the reward given, that's it. But the vigilante missions kept going. I have completed level 25 with over 200 kills using the glitch (I know, it's cheating - but technically it's a bug in the game that works, so it isn't cheating, just using what you're given).

Does anyone know if there is an upper limit to the levels in the vigilante missions, either using or not using the glitch? Can you keep going forever, just accumulating cash needlessly? Do they end at some upper point? If so, do you get any other bonuses for getting through all of them?

I ask because all of the other missions have definitive endings (that I am aware of), and I am confused on the length of this one.
No real help ... found this:
i am not entirely sure what the limit is or even if there is one.

but if i remember correctly i made it to level 50 something before i got bored.

hope this helps.
Severus Snape
Ok, so there's no limit to the missions. Cool. Just wanted to make sure.
i made it up to 100...
but i got bored after that...
so i dont think there is a limit...
GTA ShutDown
QUOTE(Mohawk @ Jul 28 2008, 02:13 AM) [snapback]1456582[/snapback]
i made it up to 100...
but i got bored after that...
so i dont think there is a limit...

Theres no max level
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