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anarchy xyz
Ok so im sure you all know about the certain streets in IV that spawn Large amounts of the same vehicle that your driving but i have never seen someone say why. I'm not saying this is the definite 100% correct reason it's just how stoic person eater would put it "A Fan Boy Wet Dream" lol but i was on a mission and i had just come off the algonquin dukes expressway and took a right onto albany avenue and i noticed about 15 pcj 600's (the bike i was riding) on both sides of the street i looked to the left side and it seemed that all the bikes were centred around a shop called the copy shop now i thought this was a bit of a coincidence so i was going to check out to see if this shop was on any more of these super spawn streets but i had to go to work and i didn't have time to check so if someone could check this out and prove/disprove this for me it would be greatly apreciated
sorry to destroy your (what a certain superior person whould call it) fan boy wet dream, but I don't see it related to a certain store. I just went to Bohan from PlayboyX crip in a Feltzer, and right off Northwood Heights Bridge were a couple of them alongsinde Grand Blvd, but no Copy Shop.
nor is there a copy shop at this curved street south of Joliet St. where the car duplicating thing happens very often in idiotic amounts
Dr. Evil
QUOTE(GMT @ Jul 16 2008, 04:41 AM) [snapback]1454946[/snapback]
south of Joliet St. where the car duplicating thing happens very often in idiotic amounts

LOL!!! Thats the street I go to if I jack a car and don't like the color. I just go to that street (Bohan of course) off the Northwood Heights bridge and take my pick of which one I want.
It happens because it's easier to load dozens of the same car rather than all different cars.
of course it is easier, but it feels kinda glitchy when almost every street has a balanced amount of different cars (parked ones I mean) apart from a couple of streets with the same car all over the place.

and, imho especially the street in Bohan I mentioned above really gives the impression of a bug or glitch when there's the same car literally all over the place. I once drove by and counted the cars there, all Blista Compact, and I came to 16 starting at the southern end of St. Quentin and stopping at the southern end of Joliet
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