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Anybody know when the next generation systems are coming out and what they're called ?
Give it a few years.
Playstation 4. It has a built-in microwave.
These ones have only just come out so it is a completely irrelevant question not to mention the fact that the technology that will be in them doesn't even exist yet.
All I've heard is that the PS4 will come earlier than we would expect and that Microsoft started development on the processor for the next console last year. Of course this could all turn out to be bullshit, but that's what I've read.
QUOTE(TheAnalogKid2112 @ Jul 16 2008, 08:04 AM) [snapback]1454930[/snapback]
Playstation 4. It has a built-in microwave.

Lol XD.png
well, supposedly the PS3 is going to last 10years before it has to be replaced by the new one.
They said Ps2 will have a 10 year life. It came out in '99. PS3 in '06. It hasn't quite been 10 years. They mean it will be relavant for 10 years. Games are still coming out on PS2 and they are still selling well.
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