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I know you get weapons at the johnson house when you've sprayed over all the tags, you get weapons at your garage in san fierro if you take all of the snapshots, you get weapons at the four dragons casino when you get all of the horseshoes, but what happens when you get all of the oysters?
well this is GTA San Andreas, but you get increased lung capacity, increased sex appeal, and $100,000
The Girlfriends will accept CJ regardless of his physical appeal, vehicle he drives, or clolthes he wears.
CJ won't lose a GF unless she is killed.
Okay, so what do you get if you complete all the extreme jumps? BTW I'm not sure I got any cash for the oysters, pretty sure I didn't.
Ex-PS Fanboy
You should have. Jumps aren't required, but I'm pretty sure all you get is money
If you google for SAMA or go to:

it is a cute little program that allows you to look at a game save to see what is completed/found. Especially good with a map as to which items you've found or not.

Also It's not a good idea to reopen a topic that is more than a week or so old.
Make your own.
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