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So, I had this 3 day ban,
Yet the Admin fails to see Stroic Person Eater flaming and Abusing....

Is this just another shoddy run forum???

Wheres the explination from the Adming that inforced the Ban?
Click the number next to your warn meter to see the reasons for your suspension.

You posted a topic demanding that a member be banned in a section that a topic like that didn't even belong. Then after 1UP deleted it and you were given a standard warn for it you went on to post the same topic again so Duff gave you a short suspension.

If you have a problem with another member there is a report button for you to label any posts you feel are breaking the rules. Making multiple topics demanding that we ban someone you have a disagreement with are not the way to do things.

Anyway we have a Warn Level Rants topic for discussions like this. Please keep all further comments in their proper place.
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