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Judge Dava Tunis said she felt that the Florida Bar's recommendation that Thompson be forbidden to practice law in the state for 10 years was too lenient.
Tunis recommended a penalty of "permanent disbarment" for Thompson "with no leave to reapply for admission." She also ordered him to pay the court $43,675 in "disciplinary costs," including $23,538 to pay for transcripts used to outline 27 violations of five Florida bar rules.


I'm not exactly unhappy about this, but I think it might be going a bit far. Permenant disbarment I can live with, but the 44k fine is perhaps a bit much. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but still... where will the games industry be without a Hitler that everyone can make fun of?
A society can function without a common enemy, contrary to what many people think.

I agree it may be going a bit far, but he's a dirty leech, he deserves it.
Not too far, not at all. Think of how much money he cost them with his bullshit. Time is money. The judges time, the juries time and the opposition lawyers time. And think about how much money R* spent on lawyers because of his bullshit claims.
I would care but he is an over paid crazy idiot.
Does no one have the picture of his reaction to this? I'd love to see that.
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