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so yesterday I took kiki for the 10000th time to the comedy show, mr. gervais again (gotta love that guy)
I finished the drud delivery missions ahead of this date and had this huntley sport with me and it wasn't much damaged, only the rear bumper flipping, but pretty much perforated with bullet holes...

so I entered the show, came back out afterwards, and the car was, concerning bullet holes, in a fine condition.
but that's about it. bulletholes gone, but the car wasn't repaired so the bumper still flipped.

curious to me cuz it's the first time I see a car partially repaired
Yeah, it happens on random occasions. Once I took a totally wrecked Turismo there, when I came back it had been somewhat repaired, there were still a few dents in it, but the scratches had disappeared. Other times i've taken cars that have been shot up only to find the bullet holes have been filled in but the dents remain. I'm not sure if it happens consistently, I don't go to the comedy club enough to know.
blood, bullet holes, scratches, and mud are seperate textures from the car, so they go away after a period of time. damage is not a texture but an animation.
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