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anarchy xyz
ok so today i have been reading a lot of posts about the next location and i was thinking instead of maybe having a re-vamp of an old city maybe they would do something new like a prequel to IV focussing on the things that made niko leave his home to come to liberty city because he mentions on a date with that sleazy ratty lieing slut you know the cop that after the incident in the war he got involved with some very bad people and did some things he regreted maybe in the next gta the starting cut scene would be the incident in the war and that bulgarin fella selling out all his friends and them all gettin cut down like trees on a wal-mart to be site and then you play your way through all these bad things niko did to then at the end finally have the choice to either steal all this cash from bulgrain or not but either way he says you did do it and you have to flee to liberty city

i aint no expert but i thought this was a reasonable theory
so your saying we play as niko,AGAIN?I'm not saying he was a bad,infact he is one of my favourites so far,but i wouldn't like to play as him two games in a row......

though i would like to see him return in a later game,but with only a small part.
They don't want to reuse protagonists. That would be epic fail.
I say Philly or Detroit.
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