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I play Hangmans NOOSE to get my Multiplayer Lvl up - FAST!!

Me and a few friends take this Method: (fastest with 3 people, 4 people needs 2 Helicopters!)

I, being the Pilot, head right as the game starts to the AIRTUG so I can get to the Helicopters by 1min.
Other players stay near Petrovics Jet - on Foot - and kill 20 NOOSE.
Killing 20 will allow Petrovic to come out of his Jet!

Petrovic can get confused sometimes if a Chopper has landed to pick him up and other people are in NOOSE VANS(!!??)
Dont ask me why - it just happens...
Most common he gets out the wrong side of the Jet.

Anyway - normally by the time i come in to land the chopper - the Yellow Arrow indicating the Pick Up Point is there.
I Land and Petrovic will come for the Passenger Seat beside the Pilot.

THIS is when the other people , , ON FOOT(!) can give him easy cover - not that there should be many NOOSE left anyway (wink wink).

Keeping an eye on the Mini Map helps - having a Head Set is a real advantage too!

This can be done in 2:30min easy,
on HARD is $4500,

If 4 of you are playing,
have Pedestrians on HIGH.
When at the safe zone and waiting for your 4th team member,
kill pedestrians,
YOU NEVER KNOW when youll pick off the Dealers with pockets full of Cash , , like $170 - $400 EACH!

"Come Fly with me, come fly, lets fly away!"
OMG!!!! really??!! you use helicopters??!!!!
QUOTE(Davidgtza2 @ Jul 10 2008, 06:29 PM) [snapback]1453910[/snapback]
OMG!!!! really??!! you use helicopters??!!!!


You would be surprised how many people pick him up in a VAN!

I mean pick him straight up from his JEt to the HELICOPTER!!

If your being sarcastic - then I cant of played with you in an online game - im sure you know what i mean.
QUOTE(CavinRovi @ Jul 10 2008, 04:12 PM) [snapback]1453934[/snapback]
QUOTE(Davidgtza2 @ Jul 10 2008, 06:29 PM) [snapback]1453910[/snapback]
OMG!!!! really??!! you use helicopters??!!!!

If your being sarcastic - then I cant of played with you in an online game - im sure you know what i mean.

He was being sarcastic. And no, I actually don't know what you mean.
Playing the same 2:30 of gameplay hundreds of times sounds really fun. I'm sure you're well rewarded for it.
i really can't figure out why people like hangman's NOOSE... out of all of the co-op missions, this one is the dumbest... it's completely linear, there's no difference no matter how many times you play it... bomb da base is pretty linear too...

if your wanting to just level up then play deal breaker... at least that mission changes up every now and then, not to mention the dozen ways you can approach the mission... me and my friend play it all the time, not for leveling up but, because it's the only co-op mission that offers variety... plus, the characters say some funny ass stuff tongue.gif...
Linkin Parkinson's
Playing Deal Breaker with 2 people over and over again is the fastest way to level up. Play it with someone you know (always on hard), if you can... if not just tell whoever you are playing with your plan. Get the Helicopter (if you don't know where it is, someone will provide you with a map and a waypoint eventually.) and fly to the rendezvous point... tell your partner to take out the enemies on the ground while you clear out each upper level... then collect the money, take out the guys on the boat or on the motorcycles and in the van... then head back to Pegorino's house for the mandatory $4,500.
QUOTE(CavinRovi @ Jul 9 2008, 09:50 PM) [snapback]1453784[/snapback]
"Come Fly with me, come fly, lets fly away!"

lol, i play bomb da base with two people and make 7000 in ten minutes, i find it less fustrating also, running around for my money isnt for me.
I have only had online for a week and im already a level 5 with a overall rank around 3000.
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