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Don't think this has been posted....
If u go Boating with Brucie you will arive in a Gold Huntley sport and when u are finished Brucie will leave it there for you.

It appears gold with a black roof but if u look from the roof angle you will see that the roof is actually shiny gold plated.

Appears every time u go
when do you go boating with him?
I love that car. I jack it every time.
QUOTE(firebird999 @ Jul 7 2008, 11:28 PM) [snapback]1453321[/snapback]
when do you go boating with him?

After he calls you up and says, "Hey Niko, call me some time for some powerboating. It's fucking alpha baby!" Then you can select that as one of the activities you do with him to boost friendship levels. You just drive Brucie and some skank bitches around in a boat while he talks about banging both of them. No love for Niko?
Linkin Parkinson's
little does he know you can bang 4 bitches in the whole game and that doesn't even count the prostitutes.
Boss of GTA
Yeah,sometime it Black and Green(something like that)but i have seen some Gold Huntley Sport w/o the black
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