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I heard that there are a few new MP modes coming out soon. I was told that this info came from PSM. Has anyone heard about this?
ive not heared anythin about this.
It would be interesting to find out what they are, but they're probably not goin to happen or they'll be in the DLC.
have you got a link for this story?
I hope its true, I'm starting to get tried of Car Jack City and Free Mode. It'd be cool to see a few more Co-Ops.
Sorry, no link. I couldn't find any info on it anywhere.

I'll go to the store tomorrow and see if I can find anything out.
I hope:

I want Deathmach and Automatic AIM deathmach. I want them separately cause I love one but I hate the other one.

And Free race and GTA race separately too.
Linkin Parkinson's
How about more storyline type missions but co-op style.

Storyline type missions but co-op style:
Deal Breaker
Bomb Da Base II
Hangman's NOOSE

and storyline type missions but competitive style:
Mafiya Work
Car Jack City

They should have a text box and a stunting mode (stunting mode probably won't happen though, just tell everyone in free mode to go stunting or make a party)

more kenny petrovic multiplayer missions plz
Seriously, there are enough modes at the moment, IMO. I only ever play deathmatch. What we really need is an in-game chat system for those who haven't got headsets.
One on one deathmatch would be brilliant. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(.D. @ Jul 6 2008, 05:40 PM) [snapback]1453053[/snapback]
One on one deathmatch would be brilliant. :D

This can be done. Create a private game, set the number of private seats to 14, allowing you and one other person to play. You can either invite a friend or wait for some sap to enter the room.

Or just keep entering and exiting lobbies (in Ranked Mode) until you find one person, start it up.

If it's not someone you know, there's a 98% chance they will drop out midgame.
i want more petrovic missions like was stated earlier... the only FUN one is deal breaker due to the dozen's of ways to approach the industrial zone full of dealers, and the "sorta" random spawns of the remaining dealers...

hangman's NOOSE is boring since it's linear... there's absolutely no variety in that one... and bomb da base is almost the same, the only variable is where you take out the armored van...

they need to add a couple more missions like deal breaker... something that doesn't get old after a few tries...
Linkin Parkinson's
Yeah the only online modes I play the most is

Free Mode
Team Deathmatch
Deal Breaker

every time I'm online I play those games atleast once.
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