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You can park cars there!!!
I parked [spoiler]Gracie Ancelotti's Pink Feltzer[/spoiler] and a coquette and they haven't moved in the multiple times i have visited
which apartment? the[spoiler] burned one[/spoiler]?
QUOTE(firebird999 @ Jun 30 2008, 03:07 PM) [snapback]1451773[/snapback]
which apartment? the[spoiler] burned one[/spoiler]?

yea,that one
Of course you can.

You can also save cars at [spoiler]Playboy X's place...even if you didn't kill him and get the apartment.[/spoiler]
Even if you have yet to unlock an apartment (or, you lost it in this case) you can always save cars in the spaces.
Dr. Evil
You can park cars in any space that says residential parking. Its just that they are only at the safehouses.
Boss of GTA
old news
Linkin Parkinson's
was that spoiler really necessary? I mean there's only one safehouse on that whole island. When you say the hove beach apartment, people don't think "oh I wonder if he's talking about the one in bohan".
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