The Misfit Mafia is recruiting

What we Play and How

We have a custom game mode that is our clan is based on. The game mode is a class-based role-playing mafia game. The teams are made up of a boss, adviser and an underboss [adviser and underboss is optional]. They are known as the upper-management classes. The upper management class is in charge of all operations.

The teams are also made up of different types of classes depending on what people have applied for, the classes include assassins, spies, bodyguards and drivers. You could find out what each class does in the classes post.

The boss, adviser and underboss will manage deals with the opposite clans, one example is threatening the opposite clan that you will kill one of their members if they don't follow an order. The upper-management classes will rely on the different classes to help them with his heists.

The game mode is played on Team deathmatch with settings that are posted on our website.

We are looking for members to help us try out this game mode that we made.

To join, visit our website, make an account and go into the recruitment forum, futher instruction will be given there.

Click on the banner to go to the website

We are an Xbox 360 clan only