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I've been doing this for a few days and not many people seem to know about it, so if this is old news forgive me, anyways...

If you go behind the Air Terminal at the Airport and look for the walkways that lead out to the Airplanes sitting on the tarmac, at the point where the walkway meets the terminal there's a ramp, walk up the ramp and start pressing the X button. (Jump)

After a while you'll jump into the Air Terminal. Now you can see out of the terminal at people driving by, Cops, other players...
You can shoot out of the building, but cops and other players can't shoot in.

What I like to do is go around picking up as much ammo as I can, then head to the terminal and start talking shit to the other players in multiplayer. When people come to kill you, BOOM, HEAD SHOT! with the sniper rifle. You can also use it as an easy way to get six stars and fuck up the police.

Good fun if you're bored and looking for something different to do in the game.
Great, we can wallhaxx, the leet haxx0rs and fine gentlemen will love this. Surely it can be done on the PS3 version too.
Ugh, I hate MP at the airport because of losers like you
QUOTE(Seeen @ Jun 28 2008, 12:46 AM) [snapback]1451296[/snapback]
Ugh, I hate MP at the airport because of losers like you

I love MP at the airport becuase I can piss off losers like you, guess that kinda makes us even. rolleyes.gif
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