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I have searched for this and I have not found it. I hope itīs new:

If someone can give me a picture of the tattos maybe I could translate them. Probably not, anyways. The only I have for sure is the tatto in his Chest says "I" (or "Me".)

(If you canīt see it, itīs the last one in this page

if im not wrong... in the website it says what they mean...
or somewhere in some review... i remember reading it, just dont remember what it was...

found it online:
On his chest: "I/myself/me"
On his left arm: "two hits six" Cantonese slang for useless/unimportant person
On his right arm: Mandarin expression for "differentiating love and hate", or the ability to tell love from hate
On his back: "transvestite" (note I'm not saying "transgender" since that has no negative connotation associated with it). It's an even uglier word in Mandarin than it is in English. It literally means "Monster/Banshee person." Oh, China.
Karen's 1UP Blog
Yeah? Iīm gonna search it
All of them are here:
I remember earlier when the game was not released PSY or one of the admins posted what the tattoos meant.
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