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Otherwise how else can you possibly explain this many patriots? I know the car spawning has always been pretty messed up in GTA, but this really takes the piss blink.gif

the military is back!!!!

wait... isnt this one the street over in bohan?, that spawns any car?
I think it is, whenever I go there in a Comet the street is loaded with them.
amazing! i once had a street full of the motorbike zombie. But there weren't this many.
I have went past there a couple times in a dillante. I thought it was pretty funny to c the street filled with dillantes as far as the eye can see.. But it was around the corner of the safehouse, and there was more of them.
Yup, Bohan is ridiculous for car duplicating. It has its advantages though.
QUOTE(ViceMan @ Jun 26 2008, 07:44 AM) [snapback]1450801[/snapback]
Yup, Bohan is ridiculous for car duplicating. It has its advantages though.

Yea. One good thing about it is when your taking cars to the garage to get money. I like to take the turismo there and hoping it will spawn them all over and it does it every now and then and i get loads of money.
I knew Bohan was fucked up from the beginning.
Reminds me of my old neighborhood, there was 7 Escalades parked in a row, and the rest of the street was Chevy Impalas and Caprices from 1977-1990. About 20 or so. I also own a Caprice... lol. The only oddball on the street was an old lady who had a Chrysler New Yorker Station wagon. Everytime I see spawning like this in the game i LOL and think of my old street.... biggrin.gif
This was an experiment by the LCPD, they were curious to find out which colours of patriots were most likely to be stolen.
it's the patriot gang getting together for their weekly meeting... why there's a couple of them standing by that tree over there...
Dr. Evil should drive through there in a Infernus.
The ph34r did it. ph34r.gif
It's insane, but it's not messed up and I think it can be explained from the developers' point of view. A few vehicles are cached in memory, when a vehicle is spawned it is taken from one of the few cached ones (because loading another one would be slow), but some vehicles only spawn in certain areas, so there may only be one or two of the currently cached vehicles which can actually spawn in that area. You can't really blame the developers for it, the more random you want the vehicle spawning to be, the more processing power and memory you need (and they've pretty much taken up the majority of it with everything else going on in the game).
On a next gen console, there is no way Rockstar can possibly say they make 16 of the same car spawn on one street because of the extra 0.4 seconds to render a different vehicle model. Maybe that was the case on the PS2, but certainly not in next gen. It does make sense to spawn vehicles that are loaded in the memory, which is what they do, and the reason you can find rare cars like the Infernus if you drive one, but there is obviously some kind of problem when it just spawns a dozen of the exact same car. Looks a bit stupid really, and it's not as if the console couldn't handle a bit of variety.
Lol I was driving a banshee though Bohan and there were literally a dozen on each side as i drove down a street
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