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I don't know where else to post this. I love this game, it rules!

First of all, it's set in Vice City and that makes it badass by default.

Second, it's in-depth and brings awesome features to the GTA franchise like:

-Empire building. It's the shit. I love being able to change Vice City by adding and changing styles of your various businesses.
-Being able to grapple NPCs and snap their necks is badass! You can literally toss people into the water, it's hilarious.
-Jet skis!
-Checkpoints during the side-missions/odd jobs is very convenient.
-The taxi missions are more varied and not all just "drive from here, to there" anymore.
-It's the only GTA game with zombies!

And lastly, the soundtrack is yet another awesome yet cheesy batch of 80s tunes.

I just wanted to share my enjoyment of this game with others.
i enjoyed the game, if it had a tommy-like protagonist then this game would have been almost perfect. Vic was too much of a softie to be a GTA lead character. Thats the only problem I have with the game, otherwise its great.
I never played VCS, but it sounds great tbh.
And what's the thing with zombies?
Yeah, I wish Vic wasn't such a contradictory character. Saying he hates the drug trade, yet has an empire built on drugs and robbery n shit.

Zombies? You have to kill zombies for scenes in a movie that some director is filming so he'll start buying cocaine from you.
Yup. It is a damn good game. I remember when I first got it I was so excited it was unreal.
yea it was cheap too, i loved it also. jet ski's were hard to find, but you could haul ass on them
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