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HEy... Could someone plz help me whit tihis...
Im stuck at det helicopter mission, where im gonna desrtoy som trucks, and i tryied for a week now, but no luck...
Someone who wanna do it for me???

Add me on Msn if u are so kind to help me out...

Plzz.. i really need som help...
Suggest you remove your e-mail address and edit it with the location from the Address from the posting site listedbelow.
to post your save.
Thanks.. smile.gif
Can u do antother one for me???
Itīs the one where i have to bomb some ships whit a jet, but I just keep missin em...

Nevermind.. i got it smile.gif
tongue.gif ok
thats the beauty of pc... just upload it and voila! the whole game is done for you. tongue.gif
Severus Snape
QUOTE(SanFierro @ Jun 26 2008, 10:32 AM) [snapback]1450856[/snapback]
thats the beauty of pc... just upload it and voila! the whole game is done for you. tongue.gif

No, that's the shit part of the internet. Nobody has to do anything for themselves anymore. Just upload your save file, have someone else do the stuff for you, and then voila! you're done. Whatever happened to finishing a game by yourself?
On another forum, some whiney kid was SCREAMing for people to do the missions.
Double/Triple posting complaining no one was doing the missions, 15min to an hour apart.
Counted the 'requests' 15 of them. one or two a day.
It was like they had to be done before his brother/mother found out he was playing them.

I tried to tell how to do a simple one and he blew his top. "nobody go na do it if you post" (there were 50 people reading the post)
And another 'helper' told me to get lost or the forum leaders would 'close down' the forum. "Only 'helpers' should respond"
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