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If you're a fan of Egoraptor's long running series of fast paced flash cartoons like Metal Gear Awesome, you'll love this. It executes the topical humor flawlessly and even though it isn't made by Egoraptor himself, it's still a great flash animation.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps Niko committing petty crimes will tickle your fancy.

Thanks to R3VOLUTiON16 from GTAForums for the heads up!
Parts I lold:
When he jacked the cab and said God damn I don't want to jack him!
Then when he said Hey look a flying rat and killed him,
when he said: You'll never get me I have cheats!
and when Roman called him and asked: "Wanna go bowling?" and he said "I'm busy I don't want to go fucking bowling"

Its really like GTA IV lol

P.S. I liked 1st one more
metal gear awesome is well better than this
LMMFAO!!!! It was great
That is awesome. I don't think it is any less than Egoraptor's stuff at all because it took the essence of GTAIV everyone mostly disliked and brought it out in a humorous way.

Pretty funny just like Metal Gear Awesome is pretty funny. Still wouldn't be giving them 10s like they have on new grounds.
That was good tongue.gif
HAHA that was great i cracked up at FOR THE LAST TIME I DONT WANT TO GO BOWLING! Ok, maybe later!
lol, needing health from a vendor, he gets hit by a car, leaving him with practically nothing... lol, i don't know how many times that happened to me laugh.gif...
LMAO, that was funny as hell.
Haha, that hit the nail on the head.
LMFAO! I was cracking my ass up the whole fucking time on the first one biggrin.gif
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