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Last week I started to playing San Andreas for the first time in over a year. This time I'm going to do it without using a cheat and complete 100%. I have already beat the main story and am just doing all the small side missions.

Well right now I'm trying to control all the gang areas but there are 3 that either I never see anyone or when I do kill everyone nothing happens.

First is Baller area in Jefferson there is a hotel there. It way to small I think to hold 4 members. I've driven around in circles for over 10 mins and only see 1 re 2 never the 4.

Next is another Baller area in Glen Park, the are west of the police station with the skate park in the middle. Now this one I've killed 7 gang members and nothing. and like before I keep driving around in a circle. But this time I have see as many as 8 always on the northwest part of the area.

Lastly is a LS Vagos area in Los Flores this one is just like the one In Glen Park I've killed 6 with nothing.

Does anyone have any tips?
Did they program it like this so there would alway be at least one gang area, so they could always attack one of your controlled areas?
Walk around.
Step into the street to stop cars, wait until three or so are lined up with gangmembers in them.
Pull the gang driver out of the first. Don't let CJ get in. shoot him. then do for the others as they get out.
You may have to Lure them into the needed zone and then do for them.
At the hotel stand in the parking yard facing away from the street. after a few minutes (realtime) turn around and you may see gang members across the street. Lure them into the parking yard., etc.
Maybe a repeated coincidence, but every time I shoot a drug dealer, rival gangs show up. Has happened more times than I can count. So maybe keep an eye out for them.
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